This page describes the rules and recommendations for using the service.
And also a description of the API methods

In accordance with clause 1 of Article 4 of the Law «On Protection of Consumer Rights», the contractor is obliged to provide the consumer with a service, the quality of which complies with the contract. In accordance with clause 1 of Article 18 of the aforementioned Law, the consumer has the right to demand a refund of the amount paid for the service only if deficiencies are found in it that were not agreed by the seller. Refunds are made only if the Service is inoperable, which makes it impossible for the User to receive a list of proxies for 1/2 of the key validity period, but not less than a day, taking into account the specifics of the service provided, namely, that the proxies provided to the User are open, don't belong and don't are controlled by the Service (therefore, the Terms of Service contain a refusal to provide guarantees by the Service regarding the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the provided proxies due to the physical impossibility of giving them), as well as the fact that the user immediately gets access to information about all available proxies by purchasing a subscription. Refunds are not provided in all other cases, including the temporary or permanent absence of a proxy, including those with any specific characteristics (for example, SOCKS5 proxies from Cuba, working with Yandex and Google without captcha). Refunds are made minus the used full and incomplete days of access, the cost of which varies depending on their number, in accordance with our tariffs, and can't be less than the cost of access to the service for a day (50 rubles) + commission paid by the Service in favor of the payment system through which the buyer paid for access (2.5-6% depending on the payment method): 1-7 days - 50 rubles/day;
7-30 days - 17 rubles/day;
from 30 days - 8 rubles/day;
from 60 days - 6 rubles/day;
from 240 days - 5 rubles/day;
Refunds are made only to the same wallet (card or account) from which the payment was made. Immediately after the refund is made, the key for which the funds were returned is blocked.

User is an individual who accesses the Service. The user's payment details are the Yandex.Money wallet number, Qiwi wallet number, WMID or other user identifiers in payment systems through which the User paid for access to the Service, including the e-mail address specified by the User when purchasing Premium access. A dedicated server is a computer with a permanent IP address located at the website of an organization that officially provides services such as server rental, hosting or co-location. An official VPN service is a service that provides a VPN service on a paid or gratuitous basis (a VPN built into the browser, or a free version of a paid VPN service) and has its own website with a description of the service.

The Service provides the Users with an information service, namely, access to the list of open IPv4 proxy servers that work without authorization and do not belong to the Service. The list is compiled from publicly available Internet sources, verified and classified using the Service software, on a paid basis for personal use at your own risk and risk, on your own responsibility on an «as is» and «as available» basis. The proxy list is updated once a minute; the time for checking the health of the entire proxy list is no more than 5 minutes. The user needs to purchase a Premium access key for full access to the Service. The key makes it possible to get full access to the Service for a certain number of days after the moment of its activation (1, 30 and 60 days). The key is activated at the time of the first authorization of the user in the web interface of the Service. After activation, the key can't be suspended. The key must be activated no later than 3 months from the date of purchase. After this period expires, the key expires, and the funds paid for the expired key are not returned.

According to clause 4 of Article 1259 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the database of open proxies of the Service, collected, verified and classified using the Service software, is an object of the Service copyright, which doesn't require registration. The Service provides access to it exclusively for the personal use of end users. The use of the Premium access key to the Service, or proxy lists provided by the Service, is prohibited by more than one User, as well as their transfer to other persons in any form (including information about the very fact of the existence of a proxy at a specific IP address), including their resale or publication in open sources. The User can access the Service only from his personally owned computers, physically located in the user's region of residence, including using Official VPN services (including their free versions), as well as from Dedicated Servers. The use of proxies obtained on the Service from IP addresses other than those from which these proxies were obtained is prohibited. Bulk collection of proxies by parsing the web interface of the service is prohibited. Also, accesses to the API of the Service in excess of the established limits are prohibited (the current limits are indicated in the API description), including accesses to the API using proxy servers and/or the TOR network. The Service user is obliged to ensure the confidentiality of his Premium access key (including links to obtain a proxy through the API, since they contain the key), and the lists of proxies downloaded from the Service using it. Theft from the User of the Premium access key or proxy lists belonging to him is not a basis for lifting the sanctions for violation of these Terms. It's prohibited to use proxy servers provided by the Service for purposes that violate the rules for using services accessed through a proxy, sending SPAM, access to Internet resources that are legally blocked in the User's country of residence, unauthorized access to computer information and systems, hacker attacks , as well as any other activity that violates local and/or international legislation, including, but not limited to the legislation of the country of residence of the User, and the countries in which proxy servers and service servers are located, to which the User accesses through a proxy. Access to the Service through a browser must be carried out using a browser in which cookies and JavaScript are supported and enabled, extensions that restrict the operation of the website are disabled. Otherwise, the performance of the Service is not guaranteed. When paying for access, the User is obliged to indicate his real e-mail address, which doesn't belong to temporary email services, and which only the User has access to.

Access to the Service is provided to Users for their convenience on an «as is» and «as available» basis. The service administration doesn't guarantee that the use of the Service and (or) the provision of its content will be uninterrupted, complete and error-free, and reserves the right at any time to change the Service and its contents, as well as to stop providing access to them. The service tries to provide a high quality proxy list. The proxies provided by the Service do not belong to the Service, as well as the proxies provided by the Service are open (access to which is open to everyone), therefore the Service can't physically guarantee: any minimum number of working proxies, including proxies with any specific characteristics; any minimum proxy speed; any minimum duration of proxy operation (lifetime); that some or all proxies will not be blocked on any resource; that proxies don't keep logs; that proxies will work flawlessly with the User's software. When paying for access, the User confirms that he understands and assumes all possible risks associated with the use of open proxies, including but not limited to those listed above, in respect of which the Service doesn't give guarantees. All information about the proxy provided by the Service was relevant at the time of checking a specific proxy, and at the time of using the proxy by the User, the information may change. The service administration or any other persons involved in the creation, production or distribution of the Service shall under no circumstances be liable for reimbursement of any direct, indirect, collateral and special circumstances determined losses, lost profits and interruption of economic activities as a result of using or the impossibility of using the Service and its materials, even if the service administration was aware of the possibility of such losses.

The service administration reserves the right to deny access to the Service to Users without prior notice and without refunding the funds paid in the event of violations by these Users of these Terms. Access is closed by blocking all Premium access keys belonging to the user who committed the violation (which were purchased using the same payment details). In addition, blocking access to the Service may include blocking the Payment Details and/or IP address (s) of the User who committed the violation on the equipment of the Service. Blocking an e-mail address also implies zeroing the amount of purchases (since the amount of purchases is tied to an e-mail address), and the loss of the cumulative discount, if any. In order to suppress systematic violations of these Terms, the service administration has the right to identify the keys of Users who have previously committed repeated violations of these Terms and to block these keys without refunding paid funds, including non-activated keys, without waiting for the fact of another violation. The service administration reserves the right to give non-working proxies, IP address and port instead of working proxies to users noticed in the organization of automatic collection of proxies from the Service in order to transfer them to third parties on a paid or free basis in violation of these Terms. The service administration reserves the right to change any parameters of the functioning of the Service, including the appearance of the web interface (html layout), parameters for accessing the API of the Service, prices for services, etc. without prior notice.

The service cost may be higher than the fee indicated by the payment system, depending on the payment method chosen by the buyer. The Service is considered to be provided by the Service properly, in full and accepted by the User without the parties signing the acceptance certificate for the services rendered if the User doesn't receive any claims and objections regarding the Service provided within three days after the expiration of the Premium Access key. The User is obliged to correctly indicate his valid e-mail address when purchasing Premium access to the Service. Contacting technical support by e-mail in order to identify the buyer must be made from the same e-mail address that was specified when purchasing the Premium access key. Technical support for users is provided only in Russian and English. When purchasing Premium access to the Service, the User agrees to receive newsletters from the Service to his e-mail address specified when purchasing a Premium access key. The newsletter may contain information about the current status of the subscription, information about important changes in the operation of the Service or information about ongoing marketing campaigns and may be carried out during the subscription period or after its completion. The user can unsubscribe from mailings by using a special link to unsubscribe from information messages, which is contained in the body of the letter, or by writing about his desire to the e-mail address of the technical support of the Service in the absence of a link.

The purchase amount is tied to the e-mail that the buyer specifies when purchasing
Purchase amount> = 3.000 ₽, 5% discount;
Purchase amount> = 7.000 ₽, 10% discount;
Purchase amount> = 10.000 ₽, 15% discount.


# Method Description
1 KEY Your Premium Access Key
2 TYPE Unloaded proxies type (http, socks4, socks5)
3 COUNTRY Country for unloading proxies (RU, US, HR)
4 CITY City for unloading proxies (Moscow, Kiev, Vladimir)
5 INTERFACE Unloaded proxies format
6 anonymity Anonymity proxies (anonymous, transparent, elite)
6 SPEED Speed of unloaded proxies (in milliseconds)


# Error Description
1 ERROR_TOO_MANY_IP Exceeding the number of ip addresses per day. (3 addresses available)
2 ERROR_KEY_BANNED Your key has been blocked (More information is available in the panel)
3 ERROR_KEY_EXPIRED The key has expired, you need to buy a new key
4 ERROR_TOO_MANY_REQUESTS Too many requests (Error passes after 3 seconds)
5 ERROR_KEY_NOT_FOUND The key doesn't exist
6 ERROR_PROXIES_NOT_FOUND Proxies were not found (Proxy type may not have been selected)